As an integrative health care practice, Contemporary Health Care offers a combination of today’s best primary care and the wisdom of complementary and alternative healing therapies.

There are many ways to help you reach and maintain health and well being.  Our integrative healing center brings Eastern and Western philosophies together, combining the best of primary health care with the wisdom of complementary and alternative healing therapies.

Here you will find a unique approach shared by a dedicated team of holistic practitioners.  Our goal is to assist you toward achieving a vital and healthy life with focus on the healing needs of Mind, Body, Spirit.

At our healing center you will find these and more healing modalities:
Primary Health Care, Nutritional Guidance, Energy-Based Therapies, Massage Therapy, Life Transition Guidance, Family-Focused Care, Natural Hormone balance, and more.

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Regenerative medicine / Stem Cells are Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) from Wharton’s Jelly Tissue of the Umbilical Cord.  Our product comes from mother’s with full term deliveries that have been vetted for health conditions.  A Stem Cell therapy injection directly into a joint may help reduce pain. 

Life Transitions Guidance offers intuitive-based conversations focused on increasing personal awareness and enhancing insight toward client-determined issues and concerns. These consultations may be related to personal or family health care needs, questions related to personal life journey, or discussions toward enhancing a deeper understanding of self – all  viewed from the Mind, Body, Spirit perspective.

Integrative Balance Therapy™ blends the energetic healing properties of music, essential oils, crystals, quantum touch, focused presence, and intuitive meditation to gently balance the body as it renews the spirit, rejuvenates the soul, calms the mind and grounds the chakras.

Massage Therapy is an integral service at CHC. It relieves stress and tension that can lead to disease and chronic illness. We offer various types of bodywork including:

● Deep Tissue Massage

● Hot Stone Massage

● Sports Massage

● Structural Bodywork

● Prenatal Massage

● Swedish Massage

FirstLine Therapy™ is a Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) program that can help improve your well-being, achieve your health goals, and reduce your health risks. Using healthy body composition as the guide, learn to take control of your health with diet management, exercise, stress reduction, and appropriate nutritional supplementation.

Person/Family-Centered Care customizes individual, holistic treatments which may include:

● Stress and Coping Assessments

● Guided Imagery and Meditation

● Calming Breath Exercises

● Psycho-Physiological Education

● Emotional Restructuring using HeartMath

Life Transition Management guides people from every generation through life changes and may address:

● Aging in Place Consultations

● Family Needs Assessment

● Community Resources Identification

● Family Healthcare Advocacy

Nutritional Consulting is offered by a registered and licensed dietitian and promotes health and vitality while targeting a number of medical conditions. Counseling is centered on individual need, rather than a standard diet prescription, producing a realistic and unique eating plan. Learn to shed punitive eating rules in favor of respecting your body’s own intuitive signals and needs.